Custom Barn Doors Continued

The past few days have been spent Working through Glue up and Re-inforcement pieces on the back side of the doors.
Once the glue up was complete there was enough flex in the door that We milled some 3/8 pieces that were glued and screwed to the Back side of the doors.

Once that was finished up and some touch up sanding complete the first coat of polyurethane finish has been applied. The richness of the old wood really came out. Can't wait to flip them and do the 'Rough' side and see how it comes to life.


Custom Barn Doors

In the midst of an 1856 home remodel in the Toledo area, our owner wanted us to re-use and re-claim some of the lumber that was pulled out in the demolition process.
We spent some time picking through the lumber floor joists and spent a few hours pulling nails and digging them out to have them Re-sawed and milled.
Custom horseshoe hardware has been ordered and delivered.
These Doors will have a clear coat on them once assembled. The doors will be going on a couple of bedrooms across from each other in a great room on a second floor.

The first photo shows the boards Re-sawed and ready for milling to get them to size.
The second photo is the Two doors milled and ready for dado and splines.


Custom wainscot

We recently completed some wainscoting up a staircase and in a kids bedroom.
Some before and after shots .


Murphy queen wall bed

Designed a wall bed for one our repeat customers.


Trundle bed

Currently in shop we are working on a custom trundle bed to fit a space in kids room.
The design was by crosscut services.
You can request your made to order bed, finished or unfinished.
Send requests to or through the contact us page

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